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Asked about the 25th generation of air jordan 7 authentic views basketball shoe design, Michael Jordan made only one request: to create a partially transparent competition air jordan 6 rings cheap shoes. Michael Air Jordan OL School explained that he will always want them to see their opponents only to see, to control the game and opponent. Hatfield and Smith for the first time that this “transparency” philosophy into high-performance basketball shoes.air jordan 6 authentic air jordan 1 cheap basketball shoes, transparent Thermo Plastic Urethane (TPU) window design interpretation of the Michael air jordan 5 for cheap of the field capacity, he can see through the opponent’s every move, but only to see their opponents want them to see part of the action. air jordan 5 fire red white fire red-black high-performance basketball shoe is the design core, purely for the movement to create a pair of born shoes. air jordan 5 black This idea can be traced back 25 years, the first series air jordan 5 white basketball shoes, AIR JORDAN I. Design team to air jordan 5 white black which specializes in the most basic of basketball action, such as running. Basketball players in every game needs to run up several miles, for which Hatfield and Smith soles used in the design load of Zoom Air, the running movement based technology provides an excellent basketball player cushioning and comfort.air jordan 7 black


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