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06/07/08 I've taken down Clinton's predictions. For the nostalgic, the charts with data up to the day of the Clinton's concession speech are here

06/07/08 just added obama's share map reporting vote shares from the raw polls (ignoring undecided). Thanks, google chart API!

08/17/08 My "competitor" Sam Wang has released his 2008 site, fancily called the "Princeton Election Consortium". I guess that makes this the "Vanderbilt Election Consortium", but I have to double check with Vb's bosses. Good job overall, only one design mistake in my opinion: too much emphasis on the blog and too little on the data.

08/26/08 new colors on the chart map much more readable now. Unfortunately the google chart api only lets me interpolate between 3 colors, so I can't do much better than this.

11/03/08 now updating every hour however, the row regarding the bradley effect is only updated manually.

04/27/08 one day online and first big swing already. Not sure which poll changed since yesterday, but clinton's probability increased considerably. I have added the "basic computation" that adds up electoral votes by just counting a win in the poll as if it was a win in the election in that state (if there is a tie, I split the college)

10/17/08 senate added wanted to do that for a long time :-)

05/07/08 the history charts are back online showing huge swings in probabilities. I'll check later if they make sense. If anyone wants to look at the data they are based upon, the urls are in this format


where mm is the month number and dd is the 2-digit with leading zero day number

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